I bought a case for my phone

I bought a case for my phone because I wanted to keep it as scratch-proof as possible, for as long as possible. I spent a few dozen dollars on a very good case. Eventually, the case broke but my phone was still intact. I replaced the case and I got another one which promised the same protection as the former. While applying the screen scratch protector, a few grains of dust fell between the screen and its protection, leaving two tiny air bubbles visible. I debated for the entire morning on whether to buy another screen scratch protector. I looked online for screen scratch protectors compatible with my new case, but I did not find any good deals. I sat back on my couch, grabbed my phone, open my music app, and relaxed. After an hour or so, I went for a walk and I had one of the best times of my life, walking in my neighborhood, listening to good music and breathing the fresh air of a sunny summer day.

This has happened days ago and since then, I have forgotten that my screen scratch protector is not perfect. I am looking at it while writing right now, as one of my best friends is sending me messages on something great that just happened. Yes, there are two tiny air bubbles on my screen, but they do not bother me that much after all.

I could say the same of some of my relationships (all of them), how I renamed the files on my computer, the tidiness inside my home, my finances, my health and so on. I could debate on things, try to fix and to re-organize them for hours, days, weeks, years to have it all perfect… And perfection is not going to happen anyway. Instead, I could use that time, resources and energy to enjoy what I actually have. It might not be perfect, but right here and right now is all I have.

I bought a case for my phone and applied a screen scratch protector because I care about my phone. I do not neglect my relationships, finances, health and so on just because I cannot reach perfection no matter how hard I try. And so, yes, my screen scratch protector is not perfect, but it does the job. And that’s all that counts.

© 2017 S.L.