‘Cause it so happens,
words can’t say and feet can’t walk:
I can’t come to you.
And so it happens that you,
on your wings, bring me away.

©2017 S.L.


Road trip to The Great North (where the west meets the east..)

Trip details
-Flight distance

Montréal (QC)-Vancouver (BC): 3 698 Km
Vancouver (BC)-Whitehorse (YT): 1481 Km
-Driving distance
Whitehorse (YT)-Dawson City (YT): 532 Km
Dawson City (YT)-Arctic Circle Sign on the Dempster Highway (YT): 445 Km

-Two-days backpacking
Location: the Grizzly Lake trail, Tombstone Territorial Park (YT)
Distance: 22 Km round-trip
Elevation gain: 797 m

I carried on my shoulders that heavy backpack, full of fears, thoughts and dreams. I hiked through a long trail and it led me to the Grizzly Lake valley, where I saw the Northern Lights for the first time in my life! The majesty of Mother Nature took my breath away. I still cherish those moments: the pain on my arms, back and shoulders; the sweat under my down jacket; the cramps in my legs; the hunger and the thirst; the fear of bears; the wind on my hair; the vastness and the wilderness of the landscapes; the lovely people I met; the joy of looking back and seeing how far my legs could take me. I had to partly empty my backpack with the realization that many of the things I was carrying were not a necessity after all.

© 2016 S.L.